You successfully downloaded GoSherpy and you are ready to create your first Goal!

Now let's see how to start your own Private Goal!

So first of all tap on the "New Private Goal Tab"

Then you'll be asked the goal and its category: is it a product, a trip or "other"?

You can decide every single aspect of your saving plan (and can also change it later on): 

  • the total amount you need to reach
  • in how many months you want to reach it
  • the monthly deposit amount
  • the specific day of the month you want GoSherpy to make the deposit.

You're in full control.

Finished setting up the goal's saving plan? Now you can link your deposit source.
You can use: 

  • A Bank Account
  • A Credit Card
  • A Prepaid Card 
  • A Debit Card (just Maestro Circuit). 

If you decide to connect your Bank Account, you'll be asked to insert the IBAN of your account and your address, then a new window will popup and the SEPA Direct Mandate will be presented, you just have to scroll down and confirm the Mandate, by tapping the "Confirm" button.

In case you connect a card € 0.99 transaction will be processed in order to confirm your card.
The 99 cents will count as your very first deposit. 

Card or Bank Account linked ? 


You Successfully Created Your First Goal & Your Saving Plan is Active! 

GoSherpy will now make the automatic deposits on the specific day of the month you chose when setting up your saving plan.
As someone famous said "A Goal Properly Set is Halfway Done"

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