No signup costs, no transaction costs and no minimum balance required. Suggested by our users themselves, to prevent you from breaking your piggybank before reaching your target, the only fee applied is a small 3% only in case you withdraw some funds before having reached your goal amount. 

This is a very rare case, since you also have the possibility to pause a saving plan. Thus GoSherpy is completely free for the Good Sherpies, who consistently reach their target!

We don't invest your savings, there's no interest on them. 

So how do we pay our rent?
When you reach your goal, we search and find the exact product/travel your saved for at a price equal or even lower than the amount you saved and send you our affiliation links (usually towards major online platforms such as Amazon, Expedia, Booking etc). 

It's not compulsory to use our affiliation links when buying what you saved for, but if you use them, the seller gives us a small percentage of his earnings on your purchase and GoSherpy stays alive.

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