As you can see from the GoSherpy app you have several types of Goal that you can start, today let's talk about the Shared Goals!

Shared Goals are great when you have to set money aside with your friends for a common goal, maybe an holiday all together or a present, the great thing is that once it's settle you don't have to chase them anymore 😉

This Goal is a type of goal that you can share with other friends, up to 4 people can be connected (for now).

So first you'll tap of the "New Shared Goal" Tab and it will be ask you with how many other friend you want to share it and if all of the participant have to contribute for the same amount or not.

In case you decide to opt for the option where everybody can contribute with a flexible amount, all the participants can decide how much they want to deposit.

So let's make it simple, we go for "all the same amount" option.

Then you, as the Admin, have to set :

  • What is the Goal
  • The Amount that all together you have to reach
  • When you want that you and your friends will reach the goal

Let's say that we are saving with other 2 friends for our holiday in Bali 😎

  • The Goal: Bali
  • The Amount : €8000
  • When: 12 Months from now

So the app in this moment will do the math, so each of us have to contribute for €2,000 with a Monthly Deposit of €167.

Then you'll be asked to send the invite to me and the other our 2 friends, there you can just insert our email and the app once the Goal has been activated will sent them.

The last step then will be to activate the goal, so you have to choose between your deposit sources already linked or link a new one and then activate the goal.

Once you have activated the Goal, me, and the other 2 friends will receive an invitation email with a specific code that will give us access to this goal. 

So what we have to do is way easier, we just have to tap on the New Shared Goal Tab and instead of "Create", we have to pick the "Join" option, paste the code and boom! We just have to link or pick one of our Deposit Sources and activate the goal!

Now that the goal is active you'll find it in the Shared Row, and if you tap on the details you can see how also your friend are progressing if they are late or in advance.

As the Admin, you are the only one who can decide to change the Target Goal and the Target Amount, the only thing that we (your friends) can do is to change our deposit day or the source, in case the contribute instead is flexible we can also change the amount we want to deposit.

So, hope this little guide will be helpful for you and as always if you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask.

Love ❤️

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