Starting in July 2018 with our 2.1 version we bring to life to a completely new type of Goal, the Amazon Goal. 

This is an important Milestone for GoSherpy, since it's going to help us a lot with our Mission to help everybody get the things they want, easily. 

But let's see how works!

Amazon Goals in the app: 

We added a new black Amazon tab in your GoSherpy Dashboard: you can tap it to  create a new Amazon Goal. In this section you'll find all your the Amazon Goals you've activated. 

Creating a New Amazon Goal: 

  1. Tap on the black Amazon tab and the Amazon Search Page opens. 
  2. Here you can either search on for the product you want to save for (ie: "Canon 750D") or, if you already did your research on Amazon, you can paste here directly the Link of the product you want. 
  3. Choose among the results which are ordered by sales rank of the product on, tap on the one you want and confirm by tapping "Next"

4. Now you can choose the duration of your plan, in how many months you want to have that product
5. Connect a card or bank account and you're done! Amazon Saving Plan is Activated!

Amazon Goal Reached?

If you're not resident in The Netherlands or in Germany: at the end of the plan you'll  receive an email with the link the product you saved for on Amazon and you can withdraw your funds on your bank account. 

If you are resident in the Netherlands or Germany: You can convert the amount you saved in an Amazon Gift Card with a +4% Gift Bonus from GoSherpy with which you can buy all products on! This means for example that if you saved €1,000, the value of your Amazon Gift Card will be of € 1.040 ... that's 40€ more!
Furthermore you don't have to wait the canonica 2/3 working days for the bank transfer to arrive on your bank account. 

Want to know more about the Amazon Gift Card and the process to get the bonus? Click the button below or contact us through the online chat. 

Love ❤️
The GoSherpy Team

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